What is your BLISS?

Living a fit and healthy lifestyle should be fun and feel good!

That means balance.
Balancing all things that bring us BLISS and making sure to incorporate those things into our lives.
Each of us have something that brings joy, that brings us BLISS. 

The more we are aware of what that is, and make sure to incorporate that into our routine, the better we can stay motivated to accomplishing our goals!

Submit what your BLISS is and how it brings you joy.
Every month a winner is selected. 
chrissy biamonte becausebliss

If your BLISS is selected you win BecauseBLISS SWAG!


what is your bliss tank tops, cardio because bliss, tacos because bliss, sparkles because bliss, coffee because bliss, chrissy biamonte, becausebliss

Again, living a healthy lifestyle should be fun!

It is about creating balance so that you are able to live a healthy lifestyle that you love.

Without the sacrifices.
Live your BLISS!



chrissy biamonte, becausebliss